The Study: Issue #22 - Links for Readers and Writers

New Shelf Life episode, Woody Allen's memoir, saving indie bookstores, and more!

Table of Contents

  • The Shelf Life: Episode 2 | “Midnight Madness”

  • Skyhorse Publishes Woody Allen Memoir

  • Marvel Screws Up Its First Nonbinary Superhero

  • 9 Ways to Save Indies

  • Save Literati Bookstore

  • Wholesome Links

  • Support

  • About the Author

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The Shelf Life: Episode 2 | “Midnight Madness”

LARPers have invaded!

When word gets out that Blue Cat Books will be open at midnight for the release of a popular new fantasy book, Edwin wonders why nobody told him about it--it is his store after all. Luckily, Sarah Larson is there to provide some sage, teenage wisdom he never asked for.


Edwin Charles: Harry Marks | Twitter

Customer: Johnny Gamber | Twitter

Vincent Hughes: Stuart Lennon | Twitter1857 Podcast

Gerald: Victor Agreda, Jr. | Twitter

Sarah Larson: Melody Weister | Twitter

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Skyhorse Publishes Woody Allen Memoir

Cornelia Channing for Slate:

Woody Allen’s memoir Apropos of Nothing, which was dropped by publisher Hachette Book Group earlier this month following controversy and an employee walkoutgot a surprise release on Monday thanks to a new publisher, the Associated Press reports. Skyhorse Publishing’s Arcade imprint, whose catalog includes Samuel Beckett, Octavio Paz, JFK conspiracy theorist Jim Garrison, and Alan Dershowitz, published Allen’s 400-page book with virtually no advance notice.

And as YA author Mark O’Brien pointed out on Twitter:

Ungentle reminder that Skyhorse fired all the employees in the children’s division after they tried to unionize, and now they’ve done this. I can’t even pretend to be surprised; I’m just angry.

Don’t give Skyhorse your money.

Read the full article

Marvel Screws Up Its First Nonbinary Superhero

Rah Froemming-Carter for Book Riot:

Last night I stumbled upon the announcement and character designs for Marvel’s first nonbinary superhero. They are part of a new team of characters who are part of New Warriors. Written by Daniel Kibblesmith and illustrated by Luciano Vecchio, New Warriors #1 goes on sale April 15. I was ready to be excited about this but instead, I just have a lot of questions.

This is a bad look for Marvel all around.

Read the full article

9 Ways to Save Indies

Ellen Desmond at The Bookseller has outlined nine ways to help independent bookstores and presses while COVID-19 has brought the retail world to a halt.

Read the full article

Save Literati Bookstore

Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan is at risk of closing its doors permanently unless it can raise $100,000 to pay its rent, keep the lights on, and compensate its staff. If you’re able to, please help.

Save Literati Bookstore

Wholesome Links

Still trapped in the house? Looking to take a break from the news? Check out the links below to remind you that not everything about the world is terrible and that distractions are okay.

Ask This Old House — How to Install a Hidden Door/Bookshelf

Steve Martin’s “Banjo Balm”

Live from Home: Rachael Price & Taylor Ashton sing Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time"

“Handle with Care” from the 2002 Concert for George

How I Take Notes with My iPad Pro in Lectures (Notability & GoodNotes)

Sir Patrick Stewart reading a Shakespearean Sonnet


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