The Study: Issue #35 - My Camp NaNoWriMo Notion Setup

I built a command center for my Camp NaNoWriMo novel in Notion - now I'll teach you how to use it

My Camp NaNoWriMo Notion Setup

It’s July 1st! That means today kicks off Camp NaNoWriMo 2020. To piggy-back off of last week’s article on tips to help you win this year’s event, I recorded a quick overview of my Camp NaNoWriMo “Book Bible” in the database application, Notion.

The video assumes you have a basic knowledge of how to use Notion (creating pages, linking tables, etc). If you’re brand new to Notion or need a refresher, I’ve linked a playlist of tutorial videos below, as well as links to the template I created and the NaNoWriMo tracker discussed in the video.

I hope this helps!


My NaNoWriMo Notion Template (To use the template for yourself, click the three dots at the top right and select “Duplicate Page” to add it to your own Notion workspace.)

GroovyWink NaNoWriMo Tracker

Notion Training: The Basics (playlist)


People of Color to Publishing: We’re Not Okay” | Publishers Weekly

A Public Statement After This Morning's Public Statementby Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni | Patreon

The ultimate guide to reading a book a week for your career” by Cedric Chin | Commonplace

Authors call for removal of Booker prize vice-president over 'homophobic' views” by Alison Flood | The Guardian

Building My Bullet-Journal-Based Hybrid Productivity System” by Mike Schmitz | The Sweet Setup

7 Steps To Turn What You Know Into An Online Training Course” by Joanna Penn | The Creative Penn


A section devoted to current submission opportunities without submission fees.

Girls Right the Worldpoetry, prose, and visual art of any style or theme | Deadline: December 31

Storm Cellar — Prose, poetry, art, images. See website for themes and details | Deadline: Rolling

34 Orchard — Short fiction, poetry | Deadline: July 31

Unsung Stories — short fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and weird fiction | Deadline: July 5

Blueline Magazine — poems, stories and essays about the Adirondacks and regions similar in geography and spirit, focusing on nature's shaping influence | Deadline: November 30

The Awakenings Review — poetry, short stories, dramatic scenes, essays, photographs, excerpts from larger works, and black-and-white cover art about personal experience with mental illness | Deadline: Rolling

The Absurdist — funny/strange flash fiction | Deadline: Rolling

CHILLFILTR — short fiction, personal essays, poetry, memoirs | Deadline: Rolling

Red Planet Magazine — Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, visual arts | Deadline: Rolling

Borrowed Solace: Fall 2020 Issue (Theme: Mysticism) — fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, art & photography | Deadline: July 31

About Place Journal — creative non-fiction, poetry, fiction, hybrid work, video and artwork | Open for Submissions: June 1 | Deadline: August 1

Northwest Review — Translation, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essay, graphic narrative | Deadline: Unclear

Volney Road Review — poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction | Deadline: August 1st

33 1/3 — Short books about music and COVID-19 | Deadline: July 1

Scrivener Tip of the Week — Favorite Projects

If you work on multiple projects at once, you might want quick access to the ones you update most often. To add a project to your favorites:

  1. Open your project.

  2. Navigate to File > Add Project to Favorites

  3. To view a list of your favorite projects, navigate to File > Favorite Projects and select one from the list.

In Case You Missed It…

Check out last week’s newsletter, where I outlined five tips for winning Camp NaNoWriMo.


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