The Study: Issue #6 - Updates from the Book World

Two new releases, iPadOS 13 review, the Bucket List, new Field Notes, Print Run, and more...

Don’t call it a comeback. Here’s the latest and greatest from the world of books and writing.

New Releases

I mentioned Rob Hart’s latest novel, The Warehouse, in the last issue before the book’s release. Well, it’s out now and it’s just as fantastic as I’d hoped. Chilling and prescient, if you shop at a certain monolithic Internet conglomerate and wonder where things might be headed, check it out.

Additional reading for The Warehouse:

Jeff Bezos says Amazon is writing its own facial recognition laws to pitch to lawmakers” - recode

Out With ALEC, In With Corporations Writing Their Own Laws” - Sludge


Theodora Goss, author of The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter and European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman has just released the third and final addition to her Athena Club adventure novels. It’s called The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl:

According to the product page on Barnes & Noble’s website:

Mary Jekyll and the Athena Club race to save Alice—and foil a plot to unseat the Queen, in the electrifying conclusion to the trilogy that began with the Nebula Award finalist and Locus Award winner The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter.

I love these books and how Goss weaves so many beloved characters together in inventive ways. My copy should be arriving at my house soon. And for more Theodora Goss goodness, listen to my interview with her about her first book on my podcast, COVERED.

iPad for Writers: The iPadOS 13 Review

Over at my blog, Curious Rat, I wrote a review of iPadOS 13 from the perspective of a writer, rather than as generic overview meant for the public at large. If you’ve been thinking of moving over to the iPad full time or you were wondering whether iPadOS 13 fundamentally changes the direction of Apple’s popular tablet, you’ll find your answer here.

The Bucket List from Dave Caolo

Gamer, writer, and podcaster Dave Caolo has a new newsletter right here on Substack called “The Monthly Bucket List,” which he describes as “a list of 10 fun, easy wins to enjoy over the course of a month.”

I’m always looking for ways to make life a little brighter. Dave’s reminders to enjoy the little things, especially the ones that turn into great big things is a welcome delivery to my inbox each month.

Subscribe here.

Field Notes: Autumn Trilogy

The annual Fall notebook release from Field Notes is here and it’s gorgeous.

Via their website:

At a glance, Field Notes’ Fall 2019 “Autumn Trilogy” edition seems perfectly simple, but the subtly debossed leaves and embossed logo are the result of a very complicated process. First, we selected three beautiful cover papers from Mohawk’s Via line: “Warm Red,” “Safety Yellow,” and “Scarlet,” all with a vellum finish. These roughly approximate the Fall leaf colors of the North American Sugar Maple(Acer saccharum), the American Elm(Ulmus americana), and the Scarlet Oak(Quercus coccinea).

Get your set here.

(image via

Print Run Special Episode: All About Book Proposals

If you’re a Patron of the Print Run podcast at the $8/month level, you’ll have access to their latest special episode, all about book proposals:

For September 2019’s third special episode, we’re talking about what all goes into crafting a strong book proposal, whether you’re a nonfiction writer or a novelist hoping to better talk about and pitch your work. We go through our market-research-based approach that argues that the best proposals are crafted outside the book and then inward, using the book’s publishing case as a means of editing the content and premise itself--you’ll see what we mean. Overall, this is one of our more robust and detailed discussions of things like comp titles, promotional work, narrative structuring, and more.

Query Status

A quick update on my journey to getting an agent:

Queries sent: 26

Rejections: 13

Requests: 3

Awaiting response: 10

I also submitted a flash fiction piece to Gordon Square Review at the end of September. Fingers crossed I can place it there—it’s a nice little vignette that’s gotten some great feedback, but hasn’t been able to find a home yet.

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